Build Your Sales Process

Find the Right Moves

This is where the fun starts. Figuring out your sales process is like taking a long deep dive into the refreshing pool of your own fandom. You’re learning more and more about the people who want to buy what you’re selling. And how they found it. And how they’re using it. And how their lives are improved because of it. Learning these things will come in handy when you’re looking for and talking to the next interested person. Sales isn’t too difficult once you focus on the right things.

Get In On the Movement

A good sales process works because you’re taking the right steps at the right time to help people make the right decision. Whatever process you adopt, make sure you keep movement in mind. Without a good flow for prospective customers to follow, and for your team to follow, you’ll end up with roadblocks and people who could have been great customers looking elsewhere.


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Ready, Set, Work It Out

If you don’t have a process written down, but you’re making sales, then you probably just need to examine what you’re doing to document a formal process.

Grab a pen and blank piece of paper for this exercise. Start at the top of the page and write down the final step of your sales process. Go ahead and be specific here. Instead of writing, “make a sale,” write “sell a group vacation package.”

Next, think about what happens right before that final step, what’s absolutely necessary to get the sale. For the vacation package, the step before might be confirming dates and guests.

Continue with this process until you work your way back to the very beginning, when you first started working the sale. What you’ll end up with is a rough outline of your sales process, as it currently exists.

From there, you can fit those steps into a more formal and repeatable process for your business. Keep reading to learn about the general stages that your sales steps could be grouped into.