Live Chat Boosts Sales

Use Live Chat to Boost Sales and Increase Conversion Rates

By SnapEngage

Live Chat is one of the most effective tools your business can use to increase sales and conversion rates. The key to increasing sales with live chat is engaging customers with impeccable timing, pointed questions, and making sure they are connected to the correct person. This helps increase sales and reduces clicks away from websites by engaging with website visitors before they slip through the cracks.

Why Engagement Matters

Expands Your Reach:

  • The more people that are able to have access to your company, the more people you will be able to impact and generate sales for. You can put live chat in places other than your company website, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, even email! Live chat allows you to engage with customers anywhere they can view your products or services.

Takes Customers from Passive to Engaged:

  • Live Chat turns a casual website visit into a dynamic conversation between curious website visitors and virtual shopkeepers. Give customers the ability to engage in meaningful interactions and get answers quickly all while still browsing your website.

Differentiates Your Company:

  • The Internet is littered with websites today. Interacting and shopping online has become so commoditized that shoppers are simply searching for the best price and there is no incentive for them to do otherwise. Stand Out! – Don’t be just like every other website out there, amaze your customers with amazing service and simply being available at the right moment.

Creates a Personal Experience:

  • Unless you are one of those people that actually likes repeating, “billing department!” because the machine on the other end thought you said, “willing betrothment, is that correct?” — you can expect your customers aren’t fans either. Live chat gives the opportunity for a personal interaction that helps customers place trust in your company and feel more comfortable.

Creates Greater Opportunities:

  • When chatting with a customer, you get to know them personally in addition to storing their customer information in a CRM. Make sure that your chat service is able to look up customer information at the start of the chat. You can greet customers by name, have a record of all your previous interactions with them, and keep a record of your current conversation.  It also creates the opportunity for further follow up and interaction with customers, which builds real relationships!

In order to most effectively use live chat to increase sales you need to be there to help a customer as soon as they have questions, even before they have to ask. You can do this easily with a feature that many live chat services offer today, called Proactive Chat. This feature automatically sends an invitation to your website visitors on behalf of online, available agents. This automated message helps customers at key pain points and can be set based on an extensive variety of metrics. Let’s take a look at how to best use Proactive Chat to engage customers that may need help.


“Gain a competitive advantage: Engage with more customers and create more sales opportunities by targeting the right customers at the right time.”

Game Plan:

Proactive chat can serve as an incredibly effective sales tool and allows you to help customers at critical points within the sales funnel. However, it’s important to take a bit of time to formulate a successful strategy so you can be sure that you’re maximizing your proactive chat feature and overall sales potential. Try to formulate specific proactive rules based on a combination of some of the following metrics: time on page, page URL, javascript variables, time of day, search keywords, time on site, new vs. returning visitors, number of page clicks, etc.

Ask Questions:

The beauty of proactive chat stems from the fact that humans are programmed to be intrigued by questions. Try to pose all of your proactive messages in the form of questions. This will act as an open invitation for your customer to connect with you, especially when the question is highly specific to the website visitor. Everything starts with a question, here are a few examples to get you started:

  • “Hi there! I see you’ve been looking at this page for a bit, is there anything I can help with at the moment?”
  • “Hello! This process can be quite confusing, would you like me to guide you through it?”
  • “Hey, while you are here do you want to hear a knock-knock joke?”
  • “Did you know that we are offering free shipping today? Chat with me to find out how!”



Timing is Everything:

Take a deep look into your overall website analytics and feedback from both customers and your employees. Are there certain points in the signup process where customers are routinely bogged down by confusion regarding your product or services? Insert a proactive chat invitation at this key pain point to immediately give the visitor a chance to connect so you can resolve their hesitation and help them move forward in the process.

  • Start with Google Analytics and a few choice pages. You are going to want to find the average time on page – let’s say your pricing page – and see how long people tend to spend on the page. You will want to set your proactive trigger a few seconds before most people leave. 25 seconds is usually a good baseline if you don’t have access to your average time on page.
  • The SnapEngage team tested this out. We experimented with placing a proactive invite to prompt after someone had been on the trial signup page for 30 seconds, but not yet taken an action. We were able to increase our trial signups by 67% with this one tiny tweak!
  • Proactive chat allows you to design your invitations around all sorts of specifics, even time of day, or a location! In keeping with a personal touch to the message, saying, “Good Morning!” is more impactful than always saying, “Hello.”
    • “Good morning! Are you finding everything you’re looking for?”
    • “Welcome back to our website! How may I help you this evening?”
  • Using personalized invitations increases the visitor’s chance of responding to the chat, which will lead to more quality conversations, and in return, more sales!

Connect with the Right Person:

Use your live chat service’s proactive chat feature to connect customers with the right members of your team. Your customers will feel much more comfortable talking with someone who truly understands their specific needs, and someone they can easily build a rapport with. Luckily, many proactive chat features can do this for you automatically. You can configure your settings to allow specific agents on your team to reach out to specific website visitors. For example, SnapEngage has the ability to automatically detect the language of the visitor. The visitor is then routed directly to the agent who will be able to serve them best!

  • Perhaps some members of your agent team are fluent in multiple languages. Put those talents to use by setting up proactive messages to reach out to your international customers on their behalf. Your customers in other countries will be much more likely to connect with someone who already speaks their native language.
  • Many chat agent teams are comprised of all kinds of individuals with an array of specialties. Use your proactive chat service to cater to your visitors’ unique needs and connect them directly with agents that possess expertise in that field.
    •   “Hello, I see you’re looking at commercial real estate properties! That’s actually my speciality. Would you like some advice?”
  • Do you have customers all over the country, or even all over the globe? Maximize your proactive chat by connecting website visitors from specific regions with agents who specialize in those locations. Drill down on a country, state, or even city level for an incredibly personalized proactive experience.
    • “Hi there! I noticed you’re in Boulder, Colorado. We offer catering services throughout the entire Front Range. Do you have any special events coming up?”

Targeted questions like this will allow you to seek out interested prospects and ensure that your sales team is spending their time on quality leads and maximizing their sales potential.


SnapEngage provides an online live chat solution for enterprising companies with a human-centered approach. The service is implemented on over 10,000 websites worldwide and provides an effective way for businesses to turn visitors into customers. Come chat about chat with the people who put customer service robots out of business at Want to see how SnapEngage can impact your sales? Sign up for a free trial today.