Online Forms Help You Generate and Nurture Leads

by Formstack

Why Use Online Forms in the Sales Process?

When you are moving through the sales process, you might not think much about online forms. We think you might be surprised at how well online forms can streamline how you manage leads.

  • Online forms are a good ‘first touch’ for leads. As customers spend more time online, you need a way to start a conversation with them via your website. When they submit a form, people grant you permission to engage with them. Online forms make it easy for leads to interact with your company in a meaningful way.
  • They provide multiple options for lead generation. You can build just about any kind of form to capture customer information. Add a contact form to your website. Run a contest and use an online form to connect with new leads. Create event registrations. Build an email sign-up form. It’s simple to create different kinds of forms to fit your needs.
  • Forms make it easy to qualify leads. Was that person who entered your contest more interested in the prize than your company? If so, they probably aren’t a qualified lead. With online forms, you can ask specific questions that will give you the data to determine whether or not a contact is likely to turn into a customer.
  • Online form builders are an easy way to keep sales data in one place. When people submit an online form, they are waiting to hear back from you. Online forms store data in a centralized location that can be accessed by designated users on your team. Additionally, information can be passed to other apps you already use, such as CRM or email marketing clients.



Best Practices to Optimize Your Forms for Conversion

Once you’re using online forms, it’s important to maximize their impact. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the best conversions on your online forms.

  • Make sure your form is branded. Since a form is where leads share their personal data, give them confidence that the form is safe. Branded forms provide a seamless web experience for your customers.
  • Keep it mobile. The majority of web traffic takes place on mobile devices. Your online forms need to be mobile-optimized so people can easily submit their information from smartphones, tablets, or their computers.
  • Pay attention to length. Too many fields and your leads could click away. Too little information and your sales team might struggle. Find the happy medium in your form length—which might take some testing—so that you capture the right amount of information.
  • Promote your form where your customers are. If you have a huge Facebook following, embed your form on directly on your business’ Facebook page. Have a great email list? Link to your form in a newsletter. Take advantage of the flexibility of online forms.
  • Monitor your analytics. One of the benefits of online form builders is the ability to keep an eye on how your forms are doing. If you have a low conversion rate, you can review your bottlenecks to make adjustments to your form to maximize conversions.

Online Forms for Lead Nurturing

Your team isn’t finished just because they’ve made a sale. Every customer relationship needs to be maintained, and online forms can help make the process easier.

  • Confirmation emails can lead to further interactions. Trigger an email to your lead as soon as they submit a form. Use it to point your new customer to your social media pages, email newsletter sign-ups, or other opportunities to connect with your company.
  • Ensure the right team members are looped in. Don’t just collect data with online forms. Use it to your advantage with features that help you pass the right data to your team. Trigger data reports to your employees based on customer responses on your form. By enabling these features, you can notify specific salespeople to act fast. And fast responses mean engaged leads.
  • Leverage a CRM integration for customer management. Online form builders can pass information directly to your CRM. Each lead is automatically updated so you have the most current information about each customer.

When you use online forms in the sales process, you’ll realize how much they can help you turn leads into customers. Because they are so easy to set up, you can put them to the test in just a few minutes. Start engaging leads with online forms today!

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