Boost Sales With Better Branding

by 99designs

How are you pitching your brand?

Succeeding in sales has a lot to do with how effectively your brand is presented and perceived. Think of your marketing materials as your strong, silent sales team.

Of course, you want your whole team representing you in a professional and consistent manner. So before you jump into creating any sales materials, take a minute to define what your brand represents — your mission, values and personality. From your customers’ perspective, what sets you apart from the competition? This unique selling proposition should be a main focus of your collateral.

Your sales materials don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to reflect your brand. Be bold, be witty or be inspiring. Whatever you do, find a way to be memorable!

The Value of Branded Sales Collateral

  • Establish initial trust
  • Make a positive impression
  • Enhance your message
  • Encourage further action
  • Keep you top of mind


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Start With a Logo You Love

A skilled graphic designer can translate your brand essence into a polished logo design. A colorful and playful logo, for example, might perfectly reflect a toy shop’s exuberance, while a clean and modern design would be better suited for a company touting cutting-edge tech services.

As the cornerstone of your visual brand, your logo is often the first thing a new customer sees. Make it worthwhile! A logo that is simple, memorable, original and versatile can immediately distinguish you from the competition. And once you have a targeted logo design, you can extend that look to a fleet of on-point sales materials.


Must-Have Sales Collateral

It might not be fair, but it’s likely that potential customers will judge the quality of your services based on the quality of your sales materials. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here are the top brand essentials you can get on a budget.

  • Presentation templates: Capture your customer’s attention with engaging and on-brand graphics.
  • Business cards: Stay top of mind with a gorgeous design that keeps your business card on top of the stack.
  • Brochure or flyer: A great brochure will attract, educate and sell — so give people an attractive design they’ll want to save.
  • T-Shirt: Unify the look of your staff or give some stylish tees away to instantly expand your crew of brand advocates.
  • Trade show booth: A compelling booth design can grab attention, draw people in and spark conversations.
  • Banner ads: The best part of targeted ads? Your sales team can keep working, 24/7, without actually working.


Why You Should Crowdsource Your Next Design

Entrepreneurs find graphic design sites like 99designs valuable when they realize they need a new flyer, presentation or other sales collateral for an event that seems to be approaching far too quickly. By leveraging the power of crowdsourced design, you can go from a vague idea – “Wouldn’t it be cool to give out cool branded t-shirts at that conference next week?” – to getting an actual product in your hands within days.

At 99designs, you hop on the website, describe the design you’re looking for, and decide what you want to pay. Designers from around the globe then submit a variety of creative concepts and you give them feedback to refine the designs. Within a week, you pick your favorite. It’s a fun and affordable way to get sales collateral in a hurry. Give it a try, and start leveraging design to close more sales.