Doing Sales Right

A Small Business Guide to Customer Happiness

This guide is for the good guys. For people who want to do sales the right way. For the innovators, the optimists, the small budgets with big plans and the “I just hate pushy people” people.

In this guide we’ll share some of the traditional concepts, creative approaches and real world examples of small business sales strategies. We’ll warn you off of the ones that are icky and overly aggressive, and introduce key concepts that you can skillfully wield to develop your own strategy for making more sales. As any good guide should, we’ll be sure to have plenty of resources at the ready to help make your journey a successful one. Think ideas, inspiration, a chuckle!


Intro to Sales

Learn more about the thinking behind sales strategies and how to pick and choose a method that works well and lets you feel good about yourself when you do it. If you think a funnel is the best way to get ketchup back in the jar, browse through this section to brush up on your sales terminology.

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Building Your Sales Process

Whether using a funnel, a pipeline or popsicle sticks to track your progress, it’s important to establish a consistent workflow for your sales efforts. We explain what each step of the process involves, why you should pay attention to it, how you go about implementing it for your type of business, and how your CRM can help.

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  1. Finding Leads How do you go about finding people who would be interested in buying your product and sparking their interest in hearing more?
  2. Picking the Right Leads Now that you have some interest, you owe it to them and to yourself to make sure  a potential customer is the right fit for you.
  3. Making the Pitch Educate your potential customers so they can quickly decide if you’re the right fit for them.
  4. The Follow-Up The logistical phase of the process where you work out the when, where and return of your sale.
  5. The Hand-Off A successful fulfillment of the purchase is a great way to start your new customer relationship.
  6. Making Friends Taking good care of customers and working closely with your evangelists will help your business soar.

This guide is for you if:

  • You don’t have a large enough marketing budget or database to mass-message unsuspecting prospects.
  • One person is handling all the newsletter writing and sales inquiries but just doesn’t have enough time to try new sales channels.
  • You have a new sales rep but haven’t seen the same success from them as when you were doing all of the sales calls yourself.
  • You have a great group of marketing and sales folks who don’t know if they should focus their time on social media, blog content, newsletters, online ads, an affiliate program or something else.
  • You feel like you have all the right pieces but are having a hard time putting them together to grow your business.

Examples of businesses that will benefit:

  • Marketing/PR agencies
  • Small retailers and distributors
  • Non-profits and community organizations
  • Real estate professionals
  • Computer/software companies
  • Business services: insurance, accounting, legal, financial
  • Arts and entertainment studios
  • E-commerce websites
  • Business consultants
  • Magic Bean sellers

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